Service Area

Our clients are primarily based in the Republic of Azerbaijan, with some having regional or overseas operations. This includes partnerships, trusts and private companies, joint ventures, public companies, and the public sector.

Agriculture and forestry

A growing global population, pressure on land use, environmental concerns and scientific developments are leading to major changes in the agriculture and forestry sectors. We have extensive experience working with clients across the industry and its supply chain. From small scale farming operations and estates through to global agricultural operations, our specialists have an in-depth understanding of the unique issues faced.

Proactive advice is provided in relation to areas such as succession planning, often a key consideration for family-owned farming enterprises and related businesses. The growing use of agricultural and forest commodities as a source of energy is creating challenges and opportunities for the sector and our specialists can help clients looking to develop new income streams through wind, solar and anaerobic digestion generation.

Significant changes driving global partnerships

A decline in the availability of arable farming land and forests is creating pressure on the sector across the world. Estimates suggest that agricultural output needs to double during the next 30 years to meet the growing demand for food.

Against that backdrop, businesses operating in the sector are increasingly expected to look to build economies of scale across international markets and to develop partnerships to maximize opportunities. The wide reach of the UHY network means we are able to provide insight and guidance drawn from across the world to help clients assess and react to the global changes underway.


Technology advances, fierce competition and improvements in manufacturing techniques have led to a transformation of the automotive industry in recent years. We provide a wealth of experience to companies of all sizes across the spectrum of the automotive industry chain, from small component suppliers through to vehicle manufacturers and retailers. Sector specialists are able to provide advice and develop practical solutions to help companies meet the challenges and exploit the opportunities of operating in the global marketplace.

Embracing opportunities of shift to new markets

The emergence of a new consumer class in the world’s developing nations is driving increasing demand for new vehicles and it is anticipated that the majority of growth will be concentrated in these emerging markets. The global reach of the UHY network is ideally placed to help companies embrace the opportunities presented by this shift to new markets.

Our specialists work with automotive companies to develop strategies for sustainable growth, manage supply chains more effectively and deal with pricing issues on an international basis. The local market knowledge UHY Azerbaijan is able to draw on also ensure clients have access to more country-specific advice in areas such as transfer pricing, import duties, risk analysis, commercial and financial strategies and local outsourcing requirements.

Banking, financial services and insurance

The environment for businesses operating in the financial services sector has become increasingly complex and regulated in recent years. UHY Azerbaijan has extensive knowledge of the sector and is able to provide informed guidance and insight to clients including banks, insurance companies, fund managers, private equity investors, and credit unions.

Specialist staffs have extensive experience of the specific issues facing the sector, from regulatory compliance to the application of international accounting standards. Bespoke risk management strategies are also developed and implemented.

In an industry where information technology is playing an ever-greater role, experts from the UHY Azerbaijan and from UHY network also can work with clients on projects to improve productivity and efficiency as well as providing solutions to security and data protection issues.

Global expertise ensures compliance

The increasingly cross-border nature of many regulatory requirements in the financial services sector means many clients draw on the expertise within the UHY network to ensure compliance with legislation wherever they do business.

Services are provided to clients from financial services sectors including:

  • Banking;
  • Credit unions;
  • Corporate financial services;
  • Insurance;
  • Investment management;
  • Stockbroking;
  • Private equity.


The chemicals sector plays a vital role in the world’s economy. We work with many of the key players in a sector where a shift to develop cleaner, greener products are driving significant change and growth.

As the global footprint of the chemicals industry also shifts to lower-cost locations, the international reach provided by the UHY network enables clients to ensure they are at the forefront of that change.

Areas we provide advice on include:

  • Audit and accounting;
  • Risk analysis;
  • Sustainability;
  • Mergers and acquisitions;
  • Establishing overseas facilities;
  • National and international tax requirements and transfer pricing;
  • Financial strategies;
  • Outsourcing of non-core activities;
  • Supply chain management.

Construction and real estate

From local building companies to international consultancy groups, we have extensive experience of working with clients at every level of the construction and real estate sector.

UHY Azerbaijan can help clients navigate a challenging funding environment, leveraging strong relationships developed with investors and funders able to provide finance for projects. We work with clients to help deal with a changing landscape as the industry increasingly shifts towards the provision of more specialist services demanded by customers. As well as helping clients deal with on-going economic challenges, we provide specialist advice in areas such as issues around the treatment of property assets under national and international accountancy standards.

Local knowledge on a global level

With experts across the world, UHY Azerbaijan is ideally placed to provide a range of tailored services to help construction and property companies at both a local and global level.

Services provided to the sector include:

  • Tax and corporate services;
  • Maximizing capital allowances on commercial property;
  • Setting up special purpose vehicles;
  • Advising on the most efficient corporate structure;
  • Project finance advice and deal structuring;
  • Transfers of going concerns;
  • Listed/protected building reliefs.

Distribution and franchising

Changing patterns of consumption, growth in consumer spending and the continuing expansion of major global brands are driving significant changes to the way consumer goods are distributed and sold. We have extensive experience of working with businesses across the sector ranging from the single market retailers and distributors to major international fashion brands.

Specialists are able to provide solutions to issues specific to the sector including development and improvement of internal controls, stock monitoring, warehousing scheduling, and supply chain logistics. UHY Azerbaijan also provides tailored accountancy services to clients in the sector including tax planning and compliance, financial reporting, strategic planning, and risk assessment.

Helping find the right partner in new markets

A depth of knowledge around franchising and distribution enables us to provide informed advice on business operations in both domestic and international markets. With member firms across the world, clients are able to access expert local market advice and expertise to help find, establish and manage distribution and agency partners in overseas markets. The strong relationships and reputations of UHY member firms in local markets facilitate business introductions and networking opportunities often vital to successfully establishing new markets.

We can provide specialist advice in areas including:

  • Developing franchising strategies;
  • Business and brand valuations;
  • Disputes and litigation;
  • Brand protection;
  • Distribution agreements;
  • Agency agreements.

Education and services

With the rapid growth in the provision and structural change taking place across the training and education sector, we are providing a greater range of services to a wider variety of clients. Globalisation has led to increased demands for formal education, with many institutions in the developed world taking advantage of opportunities to establish footholds in new markets.

The advent of e-learning is also driving huge growth in areas such as hardware and software development and remote provision of educational services. A growing focus on the importance of developing knowledge-based economies and increasing awareness of health and safety issues is leading to a major expansion of the training sector. UHY Azerbaijan works with many businesses providing skills-based services and accreditation to industries and professions.

Smarter ways of maximising budgets

Pressure on public sector spending means clients are increasingly looking at more effective ways of maximizing their budgets and reducing liabilities. Although many clients operate within the public sector, they increasingly provide a range of commercial services and draw on the expertise our member firms provide to private sector clients. UHY Azerbaijan can work with a wide range of educational providers including schools, colleges, academies and universities and have significant experience in accountancy issues specific to the sector. Specialists help education sector clients in areas such as IT infrastructure investment and risk management.

Energy and utilities

From upstream oil and gas exploration to onshore wind power, we work with many leading players across the energy spectrum in the Republic of Azerbaijan. With global demand for energy forecast to rise by 40% by 2030 and growing environmental pressures, the sector is at the top of both corporate and government agendas.

UHY Azerbaijan currently helps clients involved at every stage of energy generation and distribution, helping them both to maximize opportunities and comply with ever-greater regulatory challenges.

Technical knowledge backed by keen commercial awareness

We are able to draw on both technical understanding and extensive knowledge of the commercial factors affecting this particular sector in different geographies. We have helped many clients develop projects for the construction of new power facilities and network infrastructure. We also work throughout the supply chain with owners and operators, exploration and production companies, contractors and subcontractors, equipment manufacturers and suppliers. We can regularly carry out risk assessments, internal audit planning and operational audits for standalone energy businesses and joint ventures.

By maintaining close, long-standing relationships with clients, UHY Azerbaijan has developed a genuine understanding of the issues affecting the oil and gas, mining and renewable energy industries and are able to offer a combination of professional excellence and technical understanding with an awareness of the commercial parameters affecting the industry.

Services provided to companies in the energy sector include:

  • Oil and gas accounting capabilities in upstream (exploration and production), midstream (pipelines and gas plants) and downstream (refining and marketing);
  • Energy tax services around acquisition, due diligence and taxation;
  • Business consulting services including internal auditing;
  • Risk management consulting.

Engineering and industrial

In an increasingly global sector, UHY Azerbaijan is working with leading engineering and industrial businesses to help achieve their ambitions. The industry is undergoing a significant transformation with strong growth in mass production in many developing economies, while in more mature markets the focus is very much on driving technological and productivity improvements.

Challenges for the sector include securing access to finance, currency volatility, ensuring sustainable supply chains and pricing pressures. Sector specialists from the UHY network can assist many clients in dealing with the key issues facing the sector.

Extensive knowledge of the sector also enables us to identify opportunities to accelerate growth, deliver operational efficiencies and support better decision making for clients.

Ensuring effective supply chains

Our specialists work with businesses on specific issues such as improving the management of supply chains to identify potential cost savings and mitigate risks, to production schedules. Practical and timely advice on the best way to handle issues arising from financial problems with key suppliers can ensure business continuity.

For many clients operating across borders, UHY Azerbaijan together with the member firms from the global UHY network can provide advice in areas such as import taxes, tariffs, subsidies, and exchange rate strategies.

Food and drink

Already the world’s largest industry - more than a trillion dollars of goods are traded between countries annually – the food and drink sector is predicted to see continued strong growth on the back of a growing global population. We work with businesses across every aspect of the industry, from product development, equipment and packaging solutions to distribution.

Specialists from UHY Azerbaijan are aligned with the challenges of keeping up with the demand for innovation and consumer habits this sector faces. Our significant experience of the sector enables us to help minimize the administrative burden clients face and focus on their core business strengths. We have contacts with sources of funding to help unlock capital from banks, the public sector and private equity players to help fund product development, improvement of manufacturing processes, distribution and moves into new markets.

Global expertise in a dynamic marketplace – our recipe for success

Rising consumer demand for new food and drink products and the growth of the global middle class is leading to huge opportunities for premium and high-margin products across international markets. UHY Azerbaijan, through the global UHY network, is ideally placed to work with food and drink companies looking to make the most of national and international opportunities whether through sourcing ingredients, establishing new production facilities or selling in overseas markets. Clients are able to draw on the local knowledge and expertise of us in areas such as import duties, customs compliance and protecting intellectual property.

Health sciences and care, pharmaceuticals and biotech

While fiscal restraint across the world is creating significant challenges for health care providers, demographic changes and scientific advances also bring tremendous opportunities. With the global population set to reach 8 billion by 2025, growing levels of lifestyle-related chronic diseases and advances in medical technology, are forcing an unprecedented pace of change.

Experts from UHY Azerbaijan have a thorough understanding of the health sector and work with a wide range of organizations from public healthcare providers to international pharmaceutical companies. We can provide a comprehensive range of services from regulatory and compliance management to advice on protecting intellectual property rights – an issue which is particularly relevant for clients in the pharmaceutical and medical device development sector.

Benefitting from global best practice

While health care systems are typically organized on national levels, they face common challenges and opportunities as reform drive the need for greater efficiency in the face of tighter budgets, increased patient expectations and changing regulations.

The global nature of the UHY network means clients can benefit from insight into the development of best practice across the world along with expertise on key issues such as pricing pressures and complex regulatory requirements.

Services provided to the sector include:

  • Financial and operational (cost reports and financial/operational analysis, negotiations/receivership services, rate reimbursement, and appeals);
  • IT/technology (enterprise risk management and vulnerability assessments);
  • Litigation/fraud-related services;
  • Auditing;
  • Financial statement reviews and compilations;
  • Managed care consulting (contract analysis and negotiation, cost analysis, network and alliance development);
  • Strategic planning.

High-tech, life sciences, electronics and IT

The rapid pace of change is creating significant challenges and opportunities within the technology sector. Our experts work with businesses throughout the industry, from hardware and semiconductor manufacturing to IT consultancy and help desk support.

With the exponential growth in data creation, our specialists have also developed an understanding of issues for clients in the cloud computing, hosting and data center sectors. With businesses and consumers continually looking for new ways for technology to improve their operations and lifestyles, the sector is forecast for continuing rapid growth. Protecting customer security, the pressures involved in having to rapidly bring new products to market and valuing intellectual property are some of the key business issues where our specialists are able to provide expert advice to help clients make the most of the opportunities and mitigate risk.

Helping meet international ambitions

The nature of the technology industry means many of the businesses which work with UHY member firms have international operations or ambitions to break into new markets. UHY Azerbaijan is well-positioned to provide local market knowledge and advice. In addition to providing detailed market analysis, we can help many technology clients deal with the practicalities of establishing manufacturing or service facilities in new markets.

Financial and business consulting services provided to the technology sector include:

  • Market assessment;
  • Financial planning for product development;
  • Software licensing issues;
  • Tax planning and advice;
  • Business management services;
  • Investment due diligence;
  • Resource management;
  • Strategic planning and execution.

Hospitality, tourism and leisure

Although more susceptible to the impact of economic volatility than most, the hospitality, tourism, and the leisure industry continues to benefit from strong long-term growth trends. Experts at UHY Azerbaijan have a deep-rooted understanding of the sector, with clients including hotels, restaurants, tourist attractions, travel providers and tour operators.

As well as providing expertise in areas such as audit, tax planning, and mergers and acquisitions, specialists are able to provide sector-specific advice around the development and financing of new projects, portfolio reviews and benchmarking and negotiating new operator agreements. In a highly competitive marketplace where brand reputation is crucial, our experts also have extensive knowledge of areas around licensing and intellectual property rights.

Achieving international ambitions

The global tourism industry is continuing to see a trend towards consolidation amongst service providers, particularly among hotel chains and tour operators where major brands increasingly dominate. Our specialists are able to provide advice on international acquisition or disposal strategies and help negotiate cross-border partnership arrangements.

With local offices in most of the world’s major tourist locations, the UHY network through UHY Azerbaijan is ideally placed to be able to help clients achieve their international ambitions.

Services provided to the sector include:

  • Capital allowances;
  • Corporate finance (including due diligence for acquisitions, consolidations, and fundraising);
  • Group accounting;
  • Internal audits and other regulatory reporting;
  • International taxation;
  • Operational reviews;
  • Outsourcing services; payroll; company secretarial; bookkeeping;
  • Remuneration planning;
  • Strategic planning, monitoring, and restructuring;
  • Succession planning;
  • Remuneration planning;
  • Tax planning;
  • VAT planning.

Media and communications

From film production to mobile marketing, UHY Azerbaijan works with clients across the media and communications spectrum. As the industry becomes ever more global in its outlook, clients are able to draw on specialist knowledge and insight from both mature and emerging markets.

Experts also have significant experience of specific issues affecting the sector such as structuring of royalty agreements, licensing and the valuing of intellectual assets.

Helping companies adapt in a rapidly changing world

Transformed by technology during the last decade, the industry is arguably the fastest moving in the world. Although changes have proved highly challenging for many traditional media companies, the overall sector continues to grow at a rapid pace.

The new digital environment presents companies with risks and opportunities on a scale never seen before. In addition to revolutionizing the media industry itself, the development of areas such as mobile platforms is leading to unprecedented shifts in wider consumer behavior. Sector specialists are able to provide informed insight into the latest trends and the implications and opportunities for clients. As well as benefitting from the full range of accountancy services, many clients in the sector use management consulting services provided through us to address specific projects or business needs.

Minerals, metals and precious stones

Clients of us across the sector range from mining through to primary and secondary processing of metals and minerals such as aluminum, gold, precious metals, coal, and steel.

As well as providing core accountancy and advice services, specialists from across the UHY network have significant experience of specific issues related to the sector. Rising energy and raw material costs means increasing productivity and reducing costs are areas of focus where consultancy services can be provided through UHY Azerbaijan in demand.

Sector specialists are also able to help companies deal with the cash flow issues which result from the highly cyclical nature of the sector. They also provide advice and guidance in areas such as corporate governance with respect to issues such as metal accounting.


We have extensive experience of working with a wide range of not-for-profit organizations including charities, educational institutions, trade unions, and housing associations.

UHY Azerbaijan understands that the main focus of clients is on those who benefit from their services but also that they need to operate within tightly controlled finances subject to public scrutiny. With increased competition for grant funding and charitable giving and a greater burden of compliance, we can help ensure organizations are effectively and efficiently managed to deal with the challenges.

Consultancy services to address specific needs

Our experts have considerable experience in helping not-for-profit organizations in areas such as annual submissions to statutory regulators, fundraising and the establishment of trading ventures. Advice on governance issues relevant to the sector and compliance with legislation is also provided. In addition to budgeting, financial planning, and audit services many clients in the sector benefit from management consultancy services provided by us to address specific issues such as IT system review and implementation.

Plastics and rubber

Key materials in everyday life, the industries behind plastics and rubber are among the most dynamic and far-reaching in the global economy.

UHY Azerbaijan works with clients throughout the sector, from primary producers and material processors to manufacturers of molding and extrusion machinery. Specialist knowledge enables experts to provide guidance in areas such as improving competitiveness, strengthening supply chains and implementing audits to comply with environmental regulation. In industries where issues such as currency fluctuations can be of critical importance to the bottom line, expert advice is provided to help clients manage and mitigate risks. Specialists work with clients on specific projects such as the financial monitoring and auditing of measures to improve sustainability, a key theme for both industries.

Drawing on global best practice

Many of the key players in the plastics and rubber industry source raw materials from international suppliers or have established processing plants in foreign countries.

The extensive reach of the UHY network enables clients to utilize local knowledge and market awareness of UHY member firms across the world to better manage those international interests and optimize cross-border supply chains. We are also able to provide practical guidance and advice on establishing new facilities overseas.

Professional, scientific, technical services, management consultancy

As an independent member of one of the world’s leading accountancy networks, UHY Azerbaijan has a deep understanding of the issues and challenges faced by clients and consultants in these sectors. We work with a wide range of professional practices including accountants, solicitors, engineers, management consultants, surveyors, and architects along with research and technical consultants.

Experts have specialist knowledge and experience of relevant issues including the impact of increasing regulation and limited liability considerations. At a time when many organizations in this sector are seeing consolidation, we are also able to provide insight and guidance on future strategies and options for practices.

Partnership guidance

Our specialists can provide advice on the structuring of partnerships and partnership agreements and on resolving disputes which may arise. As professional services practices increasingly look to internationalize their business through mergers or acquisitions or look to join global partnerships, the global reach of the UHY network is also of significant benefit to our clients.

Services provided to professional services clients include:

  • Structuring of partnerships and partnership agreements;
  • Issues around Limited Liability Partnerships (LLPs);
  • Strategic practice reviews;
  • Managing mergers, acquisitions and demergers;
  • Compliance with professional regulatory requirements;
  • Wealth management;
  • Partner and employee remuneration planning;
  • Succession planning.

Public sector and services

The pressure to deliver more for less against a backdrop of policies, regulations, budget constraints and demographic changes have created an extremely challenging landscape for the public sector.

UHY Azerbaijan is helping public sector organizations deal with both the significant financial issues faced but also to embrace opportunities to develop more effective ways to plan and finance services.

Working in partnership to build better services

Specialists work in partnership with clients including local and central government departments, housing providers and administrative bodies. They are able to draw on experience across the sector - including best practice developed throughout the world - to help clients improve service delivery and minimize costs.

Retail, consumer products and FMCG

Technology is continuing to drive dramatic changes in consumer behavior and buying patterns. UHY Azerbaijan works with clients across the retail, consumer products and Fast Moving Consumer Goods (FMCG) the sector to deal with the challenges and to embrace new ways of doing business. Increasing levels of disposable income in many parts of the world are also opening up significant opportunities for retailers and brands to move into new markets which offer huge growth potential.

The revolution in online retailing has enabled businesses to access millions of potential new customers faster and with less investment than ever before. Clients are able to tap into the local market knowledge and experience provided by UHY Azerbaijan.

In addition to core accountancy services, experts are also able to provide sector-specific advice in areas such as retail property acquisition, disposal and lease negotiation.

We can also work with clients on projects such as online development and fulfilment, stock loss control and fraud prevention.

Planning for growth

In a sector which is seeing significant merger and acquisition activity – particularly among major retail chains and brands – we can help our clients plan acquisition or disposal strategies. As well as identifying potential targets or purchasers, our experts are able to provide advice on raising capital and deal planning.

The global reach of the UHY network means clients are both aware of and well-placed to respond to changing trends in global consumer behavior.


UHY Azerbaijan offers the technical understanding, practical advice and global insight needed to help clients make the most of the rapid market and regulatory changes taking place across the telecommunications industry. The way the world communicates is changing and few industries have witnessed the same pace of development as this sector.

Traditional ways of doing business are being challenged by technology advances and an ever-increasing appetite for new products and services.

International opportunities

There is still tremendous potential for bringing new services to the market, joint venture activity between fixed and mobile operators, and delivering customer innovation - all areas where specialist advice from UHY Azerbaijan and UHY member firms can add significant value. The growth of mobile payment applications is also creating new ways for consumers to pay for goods and services. Mobile services will create huge opportunities for partnerships between telecom companies and retailers, banks and technology companies across the world.

The global nature of the UHY network enables clients to benefit from the sector expertise and local knowledge to make the most of international opportunities.

Transport and infrastructure

From global shipping and logistics businesses to public bus service operators, UHY Azerbaijan and UHY member firms work with clients across the transport and infrastructure sector.

They include public and privately owned transport groups, as well as government departments, regulators and investors specializing in the sector. In a fast-changing industry, experts from UHY Azerbaijan can provide highly specialized advice and insight to help clients adapt and thrive.

Helping clients set themselves apart in the market.

For many companies in the sector, difficult trading conditions have been exacerbated by increased costs. We have significant experience of helping transport firms better manage their cost base, plan their finances and improve cash flow. In an industry where consolidation has led to market domination by a smaller number of major players, our experts can help businesses differentiate themselves through improved customer service and efficiency measures.

Corporate finance specialists also work with many clients in the sector to secure finance for infrastructure projects. With transport and infrastructure businesses increasingly operating internationally, UHY Azerbaijan is able to provide detailed market knowledge in areas such as environmental regulations and cross-border taxation.